For patching, we use Rockcote for their quality products and long history of perfection.

Adequate surface preparation is critical to ensuring the long-term performance of any Rockcote system.

Rockcote’s patching and jointing compounds assist professionals to prepare just about any substrate for coating.

Rockcote’s patches are easy to use, tough and suitable for interior and exterior use.

There are different patching types from Rockcote:
Patch & Prep: a pre-blended polymer-modified cement base coat that requires the addition of cool, clean water and mixing before application. Used primarily as a jointing compound on fibre cement sheet. Also used to patch and repair concrete on walls and ceilings prior to painting or refurbishing.

Hard Patch: an acrylic, water-borne compound designed for patching holes, form joints and imperfections in concrete or masonry walls. Requires the addition of cement.

Smooth Sanding Patch: a pre-blended, ultra-fine, water-based acrylic patching compound. Ideal for patching pre-cast concrete panels prior to coating. For external applications, the addition of cement is required.

Keycote: a pre-blended polymer-modified cement base coat used primarily where adhesion to difficult substrates is critical. Ideal as a base coat for smooth, dense masonry or for rendering over a previously painted wall.

Smooth Set: Designed for patching holes, form joints and minor imperfections in concrete or masonry walls. Requires only the addition of clean water.

Company ContractCompany Contract
I'd seen a job completed by K&H rendering at a friend's house, and thought they had a done quite a beautiful job. So I took their details, and have contracted out a few of my rendering jobs to K&H and I'm loving the results!! They go out of their way to ensure the best finishes!
Customer for lifeCustomer for life
I was put into contact with K&H rendering by a friend. I had been looking at a few other rendering companies, but the professionalism just made me stop looking elsewhere, and this continued throughout. My house looked amazing from the outside, and it was all done before the promised date!
Happy CustomerHappy Customer
Our home was woefully old. The walls were cracked, with holes everywhere from years of hanging things on the walls. One week later, the inside of my home was transformed! I couldn't believe how fast it was done and how great it looked.