Acrylic Rendering

Acrylic rendering is a flexible type of rendering that provides fantastic finishes on a wide variety of bases. Loved by many home owners, acrylic rendering can be adapted to many different colours, allowing it match the colour scheme of your home. It also has a long colour retention time, meaning new coatings aren’t a worry. Acrylic render uses a plastic as its base, and its makes it more flexible and resistant to cracking.

Acrylic rendering is fast, and this means our turn around time from start to finish is fast! Acrylic rendering allows fast application and drying times.Acrylic rendering in Parramatta can be applied to a huge variety of materials, including bricks, plaster, other cement rendering, and much more! Our team can use special materials to keep the acrylic rendering on many surfaces for longer. It is also resistant to UV, water, and cracking, features any home owner would love to keep that home looking great! Just have a look at the Dulux products here to see all the benefits of acrylic rendering.

Another great quality of acrylic rendering is the creative licence it give to home owners. Whether it be a smooth finish or textured, our team has the skill to make it look spectacular. Acrylic rendering allows for a aesthetically pleasing finish to be produced, and combined with the right colour scheme, it can make that dream home come true.

A quality acrylic rendering requires a professional and experienced team who will provide you with the best combination of skills and materials to suit your project. Whether its by the ocean or in the suburbs, our team provides a thorough assessment and plan of action bring out the best in your home. Acrylic rendering allows just that to happen, and proves itself to be a material that’s cost effective, long lasting, and great looking.

Company ContractCompany Contract
I'd seen a job completed by K&H rendering at a friend's house, and thought they had a done quite a beautiful job. So I took their details, and have contracted out a few of my rendering jobs to K&H and I'm loving the results!! They go out of their way to ensure the best finishes!
Customer for lifeCustomer for life
I was put into contact with K&H rendering by a friend. I had been looking at a few other rendering companies, but the professionalism just made me stop looking elsewhere, and this continued throughout. My house looked amazing from the outside, and it was all done before the promised date!
Happy CustomerHappy Customer
Our home was woefully old. The walls were cracked, with holes everywhere from years of hanging things on the walls. One week later, the inside of my home was transformed! I couldn't believe how fast it was done and how great it looked.