Beautiful 2 story house rendering in Randwick, Sydney

This beautiful 2 story house and K&H rendering project was our latest Randwick rendering project. It’s main centerpiece needed a cement render to cover the brick work. The finish needed to be immaculate, and the job completed quickly and cleanly so as to not dirty the surrounding. Luckily at K&H Rendering, we specialise in delicate jobs, and had this centerpiece looking the part in no time. The owner was beside himself with joy, and couldn’t believe just how well it turned out. Randwick rendering team at K&H Rendering did not let him down.

We worked with the home owner, and turned his dream into a reality, and K&H Rendering specialises in making dreams a reality.

Products used on Randwick rendering house project

We use Dulux products, and other leading products. This allows our experienced teams to create perfection, and turn people’s dreams into a reality. Dulux has been a leader in rendering and paints and inspires people to create beautiful projects, and we love to inspire people by creating a project that allows families to be inspired. Cement rendering at this Randwick house was perfected using Dulux products.

Our experienced teams ensured quality control, as our team has decades of combined experience. This allows us to recommend the best combination of products, colours, and finishes to our clients. Rendering is an art form at K&H Rendering, and this Randwick rendering project displays that commitment!

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